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Sewer Service Request

Cane Creek Water & Sewer District (CCSD)
of Henderson County, North Carolina


The Cane Creek Water & Sewer System is owned by Henderson County and serves a large portion of the Fletcher area, a portion of the Mountain Home Industrial Park, an area along US Highway 25 between Berkley Road and the Mountain Home Industrial Park Road, Broadpointe Industrial Park and a portion of the Mills River area.

To secure Cane Creek sewer service, the following is required:

  • Call to make an appointment with Utilities staff to meet at subject property. Staff will determine where sewer is located and where a service connection will be allowed. The Utility staff will need to inspect the tap connection.

  • Determine the zoning jurisdiction for your property and secure any required zoning permits.

  • A Sewer Service Request form is to be completed and signed by owner.

  • Approval by CCWSD staff must be secured before a Sewer Service Request is given.

  • The Utilities Department may need to secure a wastewater allocation from the treatment authority before a Sewer Service Permit can be issued. (Allow 2 – 3 weeks for approval).


** Properties outside the original boundary are subject to additional fees from the treatment authority.

  • Once connection is made, CCWSD Staff must be contacted to inspect tap(s) / cleanout(s) to our sewer system.


NOTE:   When property is sold the developer / builder is required to notify the new owner to call our office and transfer said property into their name.

The Utilities Department then notifies the Budget and Finance Department to begin billing when the project is completed.

Please contact the Utilities Department for information regarding Sewer Line Extensions.