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Special Teams

EMS Bike Team

The Henderson County EMS Bike Team provides rapid, efficient and advanced medical care at special events by qualified paramedic personnel on bicycles.

Members of this team are specifically trained to respond to medical calls during pre-arranged special events where an ambulance may not be immediately available or quickly accessible. These events include and are not limited to: The Henderson County Apple Festival, Farm City Day, Fourth of July, parades and other events by special request.

S.T.A.R. (Special Trauma and Rescue Team)

The S.T.A.R. team is comprised of Henderson County EMS paramedics that are highly trained in areas of special medical, rescue and tactical techniques. This team provides on scene medical support in hostile, hazardous or extended rescue situations. This includes law enforcement operations, natural disasters and search and rescue missions.

Competition Team

Each year Henderson County has a team that studies and trains to compete at the local, regional, and State levels of Paramedic Competition. The team members train in all aspects of emergency medicine and compete with other teams from agencies across the region and state. They must show the highest levels of proficiency in both the written and practical exam. The practical portion is based on real life scenarios. Teams are judged on several aspects including leadership, teamwork; complete, thorough and timely treatments, knowledge, and skill proficiency.

S.M.A.T (State Medical Assistance Team)

In 2001 the State of North Carolina began developing Statewide Medical Assistance Teams. In 2004 Henderson County was one of 28 counties selected to receive a Type III SMAT team.  These teams were formed to provide a rapid victim decontamination and mass casualty medical management service at the local, regional, or state level to assist with disaster management.