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Education and Training

Henderson County EMS is committed to the continuing education and training of all of its employees. While all emergency medical institutions require continued education and training, many counties do not provide their employees the option to do so at work. Often times, EMS workers are forced to find the time and the appropriate classes to take outside of their agency to maintain their credentials.

Henderson County EMS is proud to offer its employees in- house continuing education classes and trainings on a monthly basis. In an effort to remain at the forefront of emergency services, Henderson County EMS requires that all EMS personnel complete 36 hours of continuing education each year.

The majority of these trainings take place at the Dr. Crit Harley EMS Training Center, located in downtown Hendersonville. Other trainings take place within the community, including local schools like Blue Ridge Community College.

On top of training personnel, Henderson County EMS is also partnered with AB Technical College, Blue Ridge Community College and Western Carolina University in providing educational opportunities for students enrolled in EMS curriculum. Students are given hands-on training in the field, accompanied by certified EMTs and Paramedics. It is through this clinical period that students are able to assist with and experience real-life medical emergencies, as well as meet the training requirements set forth by the state of North Carolina.