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Henderson County EMS was established in 1975. The Henderson County Board of Commissioners appointed R. Thomas (Tom) Edmundson as the first EMS Director and initially hired only twelve employees. All personnel were required to attend an Emergency Medical Technician Program that comprised of approximately 120 hours of training.

In 1977 Henderson County EMS started the Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate program. This program included an additional 40 hours of training that focused on starting IV fluids and inserting airway devices.

In 1978 Henderson County EMS started teaching the first of two Paramedic classes and became the 9th county in North Carolina to provide a Paramedic program. In October 1980, the first Paramedic class graduated with nine paramedics.

What started as a small undertaking to provide emergency services to the residents of Henderson County has now expanded into a large and diverse group of dedicated emergency service personnel, including:

Henderson County EMS operates eight Paramedic level ambulances out of six strategically placed stations within Henderson County. In addition, Henderson County EMS works in conjunction with the following first-responder, EMT level organizations:

Henderson County EMS aims to provide high quality, professional pre-hospital care to patients in need.

Henderson County EMS is regulated by: