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Henderson County Foster Parent Association (HCFPA)
Ongoing Wish List

  • Make a financial contribution to HCFPA. (All contributions are tax deductible as we are a non-profit organization)
  • Sponsor or Co-sponsor a fundraiser or charity event with HCFPA as beneficiary.
  • Looking for professional with expertise and knowledge of a particular subject matter that would be helpful to our foster parents. Someone who’s willing to provide training….for free.
  • Become a Volunteer!! Assist with child care or share craft ideas with our foster children during one of our meeting/training sessions. (All volunteers are subject to fingerprinting and background checks plus you will be required to sign a “Confidentiality Statement”)
  • Provide door prize gifts for one of our Foster Parent Association meeting/trainings sessions.
  • Provide drinks, and/or snacks during one of our meeting/training sessions.
  • Donate gifts and/or cards for children birthdays.
  • Our Foster Closet accepts excellent condition clothing, toys, school and baby supplies like diapers, cribs, strollers, back packs, etc...

If you are interested in any of the above suggestions or if you would like to learn more about becoming a foster/adoptive parent,
Please contact:
Henderson County Department
of Social Services
(828) 694-6252
or click here to email us.