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Foster Care - Words of Wisdom




Mary Haskins  with her adopted   daughter

Foster & Adoptive Parent Mary Haskins Shares:  “Fostering is the hardest ‘job’ I have ever done, yet the rewards far exceed any other I have experienced.  Children come into foster care with tremendous needs that sometimes take months or years to uncover. Learning how to balance those needs with the challenge of raising children in today’s fast-paced world is often overwhelming, yet with the right team of experts navigating the course is manageable.  Finding those ‘experts’ is a journey in and of itself, but every choice impacts the future of these children and cannot be delayed.  It is my belief that one cannot foster well without opening their heart and home completely.  Yes, this can lead to incredible heart break, but it can also lead to the most rewarding experiences of your life.  I have currently adopted three children that I have fostered, and those children have completely invaded every aspect of my life, and the privilege has been all mine!  The true difference for me between fostering and adoption is the quality of permanence that adoption brings.  The challenges have never changed, and even at times seem greater than when fostering, but I know these children are with me for always, and in a very subtle but substantial way the actual adoption added a dimension to our relationship that is rich beyond measure.  We are a forever family, not by blood but by the grace of God.  How has fostering-to-adopt changed my life?  In every way possible.  And for that, I am eternally grateful.



Gregg and Amanda Childers, recipient of the 2010 Foster Family of the Year. Recognized for their outstanding partnership role as a license care provider of Henderson County DSS.

The Childers Write…. 
“Being a foster parent means that our family is committed to opening our home to children in need of safety, support and hope.  It means my children share everything they have:  their rooms, their toys, their talents, their playing skills, their bad habits, their routines, their one-on-one time, their parents, their hopes, their dreams, their futures. 

Parents who considered becoming professional foster parents to children in crisis should remember that behind every behavior, the child has an unmet need and your job is to determine what that need might be and teach the family how to meet that need in a safe, appropriate and loving way.”


Darlene Stone Writes…. “As a recruiter for Henderson County we are always looking for dedicated families.  People who are willing to plant seeds of security, love, hope, consistency, and knowledge.  We find that our biggest need is for families who are willing to take sibling groups or older children.  We also seek culturally diverse families or anyone who is willing to work with medically fragile children who sometimes require a stay at home parent.  Fostering is something not to take too lightly that’s why we as an agency try to work with you as a partner.  Henderson County DSS is extremely supportive of our foster families by providing tools and resources they need to support the children who come into our custody due to neglect, abuse or abandonment.”


Foster Parent Recruiter Darlene Stone