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Emergency Programs

CIP (Crisis Intervention Program)

The Crisis Intervention Program  provides federal funds to low-income families in heating and cooling crises. This includes utility bills, disconnect notices and other heating and cooling resources. There will be an assessment of the situation made and the family’s ability to avoid the same situation from recurring will also be evaluated. Assistance is limited to $600.00 per household per fiscal year. The household income must equal to or be less than 150% of current poverty level and must contain  a US Citizen or eligible alien and must be experiencing a crisis situation as defined by the State.

2013 LIEAP Press Release
EA (Emergency Assistance)

The Emergency Assistance program is designed to assist families with emergency needs such as utility cut-off, eviction notice etc. Among other criteria, the household must have a child who meets the age requirements living with them and who is in their care, have income at or below  200% of the Federal Poverty Level and meet US Citizenship requirements.

Emergency assistance is designed to alleviate non-recurring, short term situations and is not intended to meet ongoing needs. Assistance can not extend beyond four months.

For more information about the Energy Programs, please call the Henderson County DSS Energy Programs Information lines: 694-6491 or 694-6492.