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Child Support Collection Methods

The Child Support Enforcement Agency will decide on the best way to collect the child support ordered to be paid by the absent parent. All new or modified child support orders must contain a provision for income withholding to take effect immediately. If this is not possible, the local child support enforcement agency is responsible for any follow-up action that may include court proceedings and the interception of the absent parent's state and/or federal income tax refunds.


When a parent refuses to pay court-ordered child support or does not pay the full amount, the child support enforcement agency may do one or more of the following:
  • Request immediate wage withholding
  • Refer the case for intercept of federal and state income tax refunds
  • File a lien on real or personal property
  • Refer the past-due support debt to credit reporting agencies
  • Request the suspension or revocation of a professional license or a driver's licenses
  • File a contempt of court action