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LONG TERM CARE (Nursing Home)

Medicaid will pay for medically necessary nursing home care for a Medicaid eligible individual who is either a patient in a nursing home or in an Intermediate Care facility for the Mentally Retarded.

  1. Medical need for the patient to be in a nursing home bed is decided by your physician and must be approved by the State.
  2. If an applicant/recipient, his spouse, or legal representative gives away or sells assets belonging to the applicant/recipient for less than current market value, he may not be eligible for payment of cost of care for a period of time in the nursing home
  3. There are limits on the amount and type of real and personal property a person may have. If the applicant has a spouse, it is possible for a portion of the assets to be protected for the spouse at home.
  4. The recipient must use his/her income to help pay for nursing home care. Each recipient keeps $30 per month for his personal needs; an additional amount from the recipient’s income may be set aside for the spouse at home, if eligible, to help cover living expenses.


This program provides financial assistance to those who reside in a family care home, group home, or an area-operated mental health home.
The individual must be at least 18 years old, or of any age if legally blind, or disabled by Social Security standards, or receiving SSI (Supplemental Social Security). The individual's income must be used to help pay the cost of care; $66 is set aside for personal needs.


This program is for Medicaid eligible individuals with incomes at or below 100% of the federal poverty level, who meet all other eligibility criteria for Special Assistance, and are financially eligible for Special Assistance payments in in-home living arrangements. The current federal poverty level is $903 and may increase each year in April. This income level (need standard) is lower than the income level for individuals receiving Special Assistance in adult care homes.


This Medicaid program covers blind or disabled workers age 16 through 64 with incomes equal to or less than 150% of the federal poverty level. This would be $1354 for a single individual and $1822 for a couple. This program provides an incentive for disabled persons to go to work or increase their hours of work while protecting their Medicaid eligibility.