Peddling and Soliciting
Article I - Soliciting on County Property 
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Commissioners of Henderson County.  Amended 8-1-2005; 10-15-
§ 25-1. Prior Approval Required. 
It is the policy of the Henderson County Board of Commissioners that no solicitation from any County
employee by anyone representing any firm or cause will be permitted on County property without prior
approval of the Board of County Commissioners. This does not include persons representing a firm
contacting an employee which is representing the County in an official capacity and on official business or
to persons representing a firm with which the County has contracted to offer insurance or other
employment benefit to its employees.  
§ 25-2. Enforcement. 
It will be the responsibility of each supervisor to enforce this policy within his or her jurisdiction.  
§ 25-3. Application for Permit. 
In order to be granted approval by the Board, the following procedures must be followed:  
The party requesting the permit must contact the County Manager's office for a request 
The request form will be completed and returned to the County Manager.  
The Manager will present the request at the next regular scheduled mid-month meeting of
the Board.  
If approval is granted, the Manager will forward a permit form to the requesting party.    
§ 25-4. Display of Permit. 
All parties that are authorized to solicit on County property must always present the signed permit form to
each County employee who is contacted on County property. 
§ 25-5. Violations and Penalties. 
Persons not conforming with this policy will be deemed a nuisance and may be prosecuted under N.C.G.S.
25-6. Through 25-25. (Reserved)