[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Commissioners of Henderson County. Amended 11-18-1998. ] 
§ 11-1.  Inspection Department.   
Creation; Code Enforcement Administrator; inspectors.  
There is hereby created the Henderson County Inspection Department,  
consisting of a Code Enforcement Administrator and 1 or more County  
inspectors as prescribed herein. Each person chosen to fill the office of Code 
Enforcement Administrator or County inspector shall be of good moral  
character, shall be certified by the North Carolina Code Officials Qualification 
Board, shall be possessed of such executive ability as is requisite for the 
efficient performance of his duties, shall have a thorough knowledge of the 
standard materials and methods used in construction and shall be well versed in 
approved methods of construction for safety for life and property, the statutes of 
the State of North Carolina and the North Carolina State Building Code.  
The Code Enforcement Administrator and all County inspectors shall be 
appointed by the Henderson County Manager. All inspectors shall report to the 
Code Enforcement Administrator. The Code Enforcement Administrator shall 
report to the County Manager.    
Permits and inspections.  
Issuance of permits and inspections shall be carried out in accordance with the 
North Carolina State Building Code.  
Building permits and other permits may be issued by any Henderson County 
inspector or other designated County employee. The procedure for obtaining a 
building permit shall be as follows:  
Pick up an application for the building permit from Environmental 
Health at the same time the improvements permit is approved.  
Fill out the application, deliver it to the Inspection Department and pay 
the fee.  
Zoning Administrator approves the application.  
Inspection Department calls within 48 hours or notifies the applicant, in
writing, that the permit is ready to be picked up.  
Upon completion of the job, a certificate of occupancy will be issued to
each of the following: the power company, Tax Office and homeowner.
A copy of the certificate of occupancy shall remain on file with the 
Inspection Department for 15 years.    
Additional inspections or inspection trips made necessary through any 
contractor or persons in charge of work failing to give the specific location of 
work to be inspected or failing to install wiring
or other apparatus in a proper 
manner or otherwise creating conditions making such additional inspections or 
trips necessary are herein designated extra inspections. For each such extra 
inspection, a fee shall be charged against and paid by said contractor or person 
to the County Inspection Department. Nothing herein shall be construed to 
require extra fees for several inspections made necessary in the regular order of 
construction work.  
On a form furnished by the Inspection Department, the Code Enforcement 
Administrator shall make a monthly report of all inspections made and fees 
collected, 1 copy of which is to be given to the Clerk of the Board of 
Commissioners or some other designated agent, 1 copy is to be given to each 
member of the Board of Commissioners, and 1 copy is to be retained by the 
inspector. When a certificate of inspection has been issued, a copy must be filed 
with the Clerk of the Board of Commissioners as a permanent record.    
Codes to be enforced. The North Carolina State Building Code, as amended, shall be 
enforced by the Henderson County Inspection Department.  
Regulations to be enforced. The North Carolina State Regulations for Mobile Homes and 
Modular Housing, 1979 Edition, as amended, shall be enforced by the Henderson County
Inspection Department.  
Powers and duties of Code Enforcement Administrator.  
It shall be the duty of the Code Enforcement Administrator to enforce all state 
and local laws governing the issuance of permits, revoking of permits, keeping 
records, making reports and taking any actions that may be required in order to 
adequately enforce the North Carolina State Building Code.  
The Code Enforcement Administrator shall direct the organization of the 
Inspection Department. He shall be responsible for the prompt, efficient 
operation of the Inspection Department.  
The Code Enforcement Administrator shall investigate any complaints made on 
the operation of the Inspection Department and make any necessary reports to 
the public, the County Manager and the Henderson County Board of 
The Code Enforcement Administrator shall be responsible for all expenditures 
of the Department. This must be done in accordance with the approved Budget 
Ordinance and the Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act.    
Powers and duties of inspectors. The duties, responsibilities and authority of all  
Henderson County inspectors shall be as outlined in the North Carolina State Building 
Code, as amended.  
Fees. Permit and inspection fees shall be as set forth from time to time by resolution of 
the Board of Commissioners. The local permit fee shall be waived for construction of 
handicapped ramps and expanding toilet room areas to meet the handicapped codes.  
Violations and penalties. Any person, firm or corporation who or which shall violate any 
of the provisions of this section or who or which shall fail to correct any defects within a 
reasonable specified time after having been notified, in writing, by the County inspector 
shall be subject to the penalties provided in Henderson County Code, Chapter 1, General 
Provisions, § 1-14.  
Liability. This section shall not be construed to relieve from or lessen the responsibility 
or liability of any party owning, operating, controlling or installing any electric wiring, 
devices, appliances or equipment for damages to person or property caused by any defect
therein, nor shall the County of Henderson be held as assuming any such liability by 
reason of any inspection authorized herein or any certificate of approval issued as herein 
§ 11-2.  (Reserved) 
§ 11-3.  Additional Departments. 
Failure to itemize in this chapter an otherwise validly created department shall not invalidate such
department. Nothing herein shall preclude the establishment of additional departments.  
§ 11-4. Through  11-25. (Reserved)