§ 9-1. Membership. 
Pursuant to the authority of N.C.G.S. 160A-470, Henderson County elects to be a member of the Region B Council
of Governments, currently operating under the name "Land-of-Sky Regional Council." Henderson County shall:  
Take such steps as may be necessary to rejoin the Land-of-Sky Regional Council on July  
1, 1989.  
At the time of rejoining, provide formal notice of intent to withdraw at the end of fiscal 
year 1990-1991 or two years, as required by statute and the Charter.  
Request that the Land-of-Sky Regional Council examine the various alternative methods  
of weighted voting by members of the Council.  
Request that Land-of-Sky examine the various alternative methods of membership dues 
and fees.  
Request that Land-of-Sky regional staff provide Henderson County with a comprehensive 
quarterly report of activities and the cost benefit of such activities within Henderson