§ 95-4.  Fees.  
The application shall be accompanied by an initial permit application fee in the amount of
$10,000. The County shall then determine whether any additional application fee will be 
necessary and notify the applicant. The maximum application fee shall be $150,000. The 
amount of the additional application fee, if any, shall be the amount the County 
anticipates that will be necessary to reimburse the County as stated below. Any additional
fee required hereunder shall be paid by the applicant to the County within 45 days of 
notification of the amount of such fee by the County. All application fees shall be held by
the County in trust.  
Such fees shall be drawn upon by the County to reimburse the County for the 
costs of any professional assistance that the County in its sole discretion 
determines that it requires to evaluate the permit application and amendments, 
verify its contents and evaluate the impact of the proposal on the community, 
public health and environment, and any other costs incurred by the County in 
processing the application.  
Any funds not expended by the County in the review of the permit application 
shall be returned to the applicant at the time of the final decision as to whether 
or not to issue the permit.    
No action will be taken by the County officials or Boards until the funds for the  
application fee have been remitted by the applicant to the County and payment has 
cleared the banks and the funds have been posted to the trust account as stated above.