§ 95-38.  Responsibility for Refuse Found Outside Sanitary Landfill.  
If any object of refuse is discovered upon any lands or waters in any areas of Henderson 
County other than an approved sanitary landfill or other proper receptacle and said refuse
bears the name, address or other means of identification of a person or persons, the 
person(s) so identified shall be presumed to have disposed of said refuse in violation of 
this article.  
Bags, boxes, bins, cartons and other containers used to carry food, clothing and other 
goods and printed matter purchased, rented or otherwise obtained from a restaurant, 
supermarket, store or other place of business or organization, which container or printed 
matter bears the logo, name and address or other means of identification of the place from
which the goods were obtained, shall not be considered as a means of identification for 
purposes of this section.