§ 95-19. Facility Regulations.
Conformity with facility procedures required. Solid waste shall be disposed of at the 
Henderson County facility in the manner and according to procedures established by the 
Solid Waste Director.  
Facility tours. Facility tours or visitors to the facility must be accompanied by an 
employee of the Solid Waste Department.  
Affiliation with County required. The County facility may be used for the disposal of 
solid waste generated in Henderson County by County residents and nonresident owners 
of property in Henderson County.  
Hours of Operation. The facility shall be open during business hours as established by the
Board. The facility holiday schedule will be determined by the County Manager and 
revised annually and will be posted in the scale house. In emergencies, the facility may 
be opened and closed for additional hours as directed by the County Manager or the 
Manager's representative.  
Security of facility. Except when open during regular business hours, the facility shall be 
kept locked, and entry shall not be permitted.  
Tipping fee. A tipping fee or per vehicle fee shall be charged to all users of the facility. 
This tipping fee shall be based on the number of tons of material brought for disposal, 
except that there may be a minimum fee. There will be no fee charged for acceptable 
recyclable materials that have been separated and properly prepared. The Board shall 
adopt a schedule of fees from time to time which shall be effective until amended or 
replaced. Fees shall not be waived for nonprofit organizations.
Use by multiple-dwelling properties, parks and camps. Where there is more than one 
premises located in a residential building, manufactured home park, recreational vehicle 
park, summer camp or campground, it shall be the responsibility of the owner or person 
in charge of each building, park or camp to contract with a permitted hauler and to pay 
for the regular collection of all solid waste from each premises. An owner of a 
multipremises building, park or camp may apply to the Solid Waste Director for an 
exemption if it can be shown that he is now disposing of solid waste in a safe and sanitary
manner as outlined in this article. In the case where the owner of a multipremises 
building, park or camp hauls his own solid waste, said waste must be weighed at the scale
house, and the hauler may not use the boxes set aside for household solid waste.  
Loitering and rummaging prohibited. No person may loiter or rummage about the facility
or remove articles therefrom.  
Speed limit within facility. All persons entering or traveling on facility property shall 
observe posted speed limits and shall operate their vehicles in a safe and courteous 
Vehicles which are not self-unloading will not be allowed in the transfer station. All 
vehicles which do not use the household containers and are not self-unloading shall arrive
at the County facility no later than 30 minutes before the close of the normal operating 
day. Vehicles which are not self-unloading will be subject to control by the Facility 
Foreman so as to minimize vehicle congestion and provide easy access to the designated 
disposal site for self-unloading vehicles.  
Only authorized Henderson County personnel will be allowed on the tipping floor of the 
transfer station, except that a waste hauler may exit his or her truck for mechanical 
adjustment of his or her vehicle.  
Uncovered waste prohibited. No vehicle shall be allowed to deposit waste at the County 
facility unless the waste is enclosed in the vehicle or secured by methods stated in §95-
17C. The Solid Waste Director shall determine the adequacy of the covering, and his 
decision shall be final.  
Deposit waste only in authorized areas. No person may deposit material at any point in 
the facility except where indicated by authorized employees of the facility or by official 
Discharge of firearms, explosives and fireworks prohibited. No person may discharge 
firearms, fireworks or explosives on facility property.  
Solid waste subject to inspection. Solid waste shall be observed and inspected for 
prohibited materials. Persons disposing of unacceptable material may be required to 
remove such materials at the discretion of the Solid Waste Director or Facility Foreman.  
Prohibited waste. The following waste may not be disposed of in the County facility:  
Burning or smoldering materials or any other materials that would create a fire 
Hazardous waste.  
Used motor oil (except for recycling).  
Lead-acid batteries.  
Liquid waste.  
White goods (except for recycling).  
Radioactive waste.  
Sharps not properly contained.  
Whole tires which may not be co disposed with solid waste.  
Dead animals.  
Yard waste, except in the wood waste grinding area. 
Metal drums of 50 gallons or more capacity unless drain holes are provided to 
prevent containers from holding liquid or unless filled with identifiable solid 
waste which is otherwise acceptable.  
Stumps, brush, limbs, yard waste, landscape waste and construction and 
demolition material mixed with solid waste unless separated prior to disposal.  
Automobiles, truck or other motor vehicle bodies or large pieces of metal, such 
as manufactured homes and farm equipment.  
Wood waste greater than 10 inches in diameter at the butt end and greater than 
feet in length. Wood waste greater than 2 inches in diameter shall not be 
greater than 4 feet in length.  
No ash, fly ash or incinerator ash.  
Regulated medical waste.  
Friable asbestos.  
Dirt or soil products (may be reviewed on a load-by-load basis).  
Corrugated cardboard generated from commercial, industrial and institutional 
sources, unless there are no materials recovery facilities located in Henderson 
County. Residential sources of corrugated containers will be allowed in de 
minimis amounts only. The following items shall not be considered corrugated 
Wax coated cardboard.  
Cardboard soiled with grease, oils, food waste, chemicals, poisons or 
Cardboard adhered to polystyrene or other plastic.  
Poster board, pasteboard tubing or chipboard, such as cereal boxes. 
This is mixed paper and can be recycled.    
Aluminum cans.  
Antifreeze (ethylene glycol).