§ 95-17. Transportation
Conformity with ordinance required. No solid waste shall be transported except in 
conformance with this section which applies to permitted haulers and individuals hauling 
their own solid waste.  
Spillage prohibited. The vehicles or containers used for the collection and transportation 
of solid wastes shall be loaded and removed in such a manner that the contents will not 
fall, leak or spill therefrom. Materials spilled by the hauler shall be picked up 
immediately by the hauler and returned to the vehicle or container and the area properly 
Cover requirements. Vehicles shall be covered by effective means during transportation 
to prevent blowing of materials from out of the vehicle. "Effective means" shall include, 
but not be limited to; durable, heavy plastic or canvas tied down or secured to cover the 
entire load. Loads consisting of bulky waste, white goods, lumber, pallets and crates do 
not have to be covered but shall be secured with rope or tie-downs to assure spillage does
not occur. Upon entrance to the facility gate, any removal of tarps or similar covers on 
solid waste shall be prohibited until the destination is reached in a designated facility 
disposal area. 
Display of permit numbers. All vehicles, except those owned by individuals transporting 
their own solid waste, shall display their permit number issued by the Solid Waste