§ 95-16. Collection.  
Frequency of removal. All solid waste shall be removed from any property upon which it 
is stored at least once a week.  
Hiring of permitted collector allowed. The owner, occupant, tenant or lessee may remove
such solid wastes in accordance with §95-17 and 95-18 below or may contract with a 
permitted collector serving the relevant area.  
Spillage prohibited. These permitted collectors shall be responsible for removing any 
solid waste spilled during the collection process, shall leave the premises in a clean 
condition and shall conform to the provisions of any County ordinance in effect  
regulating the collection and disposal of solid waste by private collectors in Henderson 
Recycling program required. All private haulers who collect solid waste for a fee will be 
required to establish a program to collect and recycle aluminum cans and corrugated 
cardboard. Private haulers may not accept said material if commingled with the solid 
waste they collect.