§ 95-15. Storage.  
Storage container requirements. Solid waste shall be stored in a container that is durable, 
rust resistant, nonabsorbent, watertight and easily cleaned, with a close-fitting, fly tight 
cover in place. The number of containers shall be adequate to store 1week's accumulation
of solid waste. Containers shall be limited to 32 gallons maximum capacity. Containers 
shall be kept clean so that no insect breeding, odor or other nuisance will exist.  
Rodents. Solid waste shall be stored in a manner that will not harbor rodents and vermin 
and will not create a fire hazard.  
Storage of other refuses. Other refuse may be stored as in §95-15 above but shall 
be stored in such manner that it will not provide harborage to rats, cause a fire or safety 
hazard or become windblown.  
Cardboard boxes as receptacles. Cardboard boxes, cartons and crates may be used as 
refuse receptacles only when used to contain other refuse and when properly secured by 
tying or taping. Cardboard boxes, crates or cartons used as refuse receptacles shall have a
1 time use only and shall be collected along with the refuse contained in them.  
Airtight containers prohibited. No person shall leave outside of the building or dwelling 
or in any place accessible to children, any abandoned, unattended or discarded ice box, 
refrigerator or other container of any kind which has an airtight door without first 
removing the door from such icebox or refrigerator.