§ 95-13. Residential and Other Noncommercial Property.  
Improper storage of waste prohibited. No owner, occupant, tenant or lessee of any 
property, jointly or severally, may deposit, store or permit to accumulate any solid or 
hazardous waste upon such property that is not stored or disposed of in a manner 
prescribed by this article. Further, it shall be the duty of each owner, occupant, tenant or 
lessee to provide approved receptacles as specified in §95-15A.,of this Chapter.
Open dumps prohibited. No person shall permit on any land owned, occupied or leased 
by him or her any open dump.  
Responsibility for removal. It shall be the duty of any owner, occupant, tenant or lessee 
of any property, jointly or severally, to remove or properly dispose of any of the  
conditions described in subsection A above. This section shall also apply to refuse and 
other solid waste deposited on any property through the action of streams, creeks, rivers, 
lakes or other waterways or through the runoff of any such waterways. In removing such 
conditions, persons may seek the guidance of the Henderson County Solid Waste 
Director and shall follow the procedures set forth in §95-18 below.