§ 94-7.  Sanitary Sewer Service Lateral.  
The sanitary sewer service lateral is the pipe which joins the sanitary sewer to the 
building sewer. In nonroadway areas, the sanitary sewer service lateral shall extend 10 
feet from the center line of the sanitary sewer. In roadway areas, the sanitary sewer 
service lateral shall extend to a point:  
feet beyond any existing roadway drainage ditch.  
feet beyond the edge of the traveled roadway (if no drainage ditch).  
At least 10 feet from the center line of the sanitary sewer but further if necessary
to meet the requirements in subsection A(1) and (2) above.    
The property owner or user shall not perform, direct or permit the performance of any 
maintenance or construction work on any part of the sanitary sewer system or related 
facilities without expressed written approval of the County.  
Prior to connecting to any County-owned sanitary sewer systems, a property owner shall 
obtain a sewer permit from the County Utilities Department, and any other permits 
required by the County Inspection Department. Any and all fee(s) shall be due and 
payable at the time of obtaining the permit(s).