§ 94-47.3.  Project Financing. 
The Board of Commissioners will provide the basic wastewater facilities, including the interceptor sewers,
major sewer lift stations (on interceptor sewer lines) and wastewater treatment facilities for the areas which
it has determined will be served by a County-owned system. Construction of such facilities will be financed
from bond funds, state/federal grant/loan funds, system revenues and other available funds and under a time
schedule determined by the Board.  
The extension of wastewater collection lines from the basic wastewater facilities shall be 
financed in whole or part by the applicant as determined by the Board.  
Once the project has been approved by the Board and all permits, easements and release 
deeds have been secured, the applicant may proceed with construction in either by: 
The applicant shall deposit with the County his pro rata share of the funds in an 
amount equal to 120% of the design engineer's estimated construction cost. The 
County will secure bids and award construction contracts in accordance with the
N.C.G.S. The engineering, inspection fees and contractor invoices will be paid 
by the County from funds appropriated for the project. Should actual costs 
exceed the funds available, the applicant shall be responsible for covering any 
and all costs overruns unless approved otherwise by the Board; or
The applicant shall secure a properly licensed utility contractor, approved by the
County, to proceed with the installation. All engineering, inspection fees, and 
contractor, and other invoices shall be paid by the applicant. Should any County 
funds be appropriated to the project, disbursement shall be made to the applicant
on a pro rata basis upon receipt of an invoice certified for payment by the design
engineer, and the applicant shall provide to the County a performance bond for 
the full amount of the project costs.