§ 94-47.  Procedure.  
The Board of Commissioners will review an application for a sewer extension and 
determine under what conditions, if any, service may be granted to the applicant. The 
Board of Commissioners, as it deems appropriate, may require the applicant, at his/her 
own expense, to submit information outlining the proposed project and its impact upon 
the existing wastewater collection/treatment system to which it will be connected.  
The proposed project and all facilities proposed for connection to the system must be in 
compliance with this Ordinance.  
It shall be understood by the applicant that County sewer service is subject to a number of
engineering constraints, financial considerations and available treatment capacity. 
Therefore, each application will be reviewed and acted upon based on the current 
circumstances, past operating experiences, future growth considerations and financial 
information associated with the project.