§ 94-43.  Policies Concerning Wastewater Pump Stations and Force Mains.  
CCWSD will not take ownership of wastewater pump stations/force mains constructed or
proposed by others. Wastewater pump stations/force mains increase operating costs, are 
subject to failure causing spills which degrade the environment and result in fines, can 
cause major problems during storm events, require additional staff, limit sewer service to 
the greater community, and encourage development of marginal property rather that 
directing growth in areas identified by the Board of Commissioners.  
One of goals of the Cane Creek Water and Sewer District (CCWSD) is for the District's 
sewer system to be expanded by developers constructing gravity sewer line extensions. If
it isn't technically possible to serve a proposed project with a gravity sewer line, the 
developer can consider providing the sewer service via a wastewater pump station and 
force main. However, before the CCWSD will consider issuing a permit for a developer 
to construct a wastewater pump station and force main, the developer shall have to meet 
certain requirements, including but not limited to having a North Carolina licensed civil 
engineer provide the CCWSD with a letter explaining why it is not technically possible to
serve the proposed property with a gravity sewer line.