§ 94-35. Water Used For Industrial or Commercial Purposes and Not Discharged Into County
Whenever a property upon which a sewer user charge is hereby imposed uses water from 
the government-owned water system for an industrial or commercial purpose so that the 
water so used is not discharged into the County sewerage system, the quantity of the 
water so used and not discharged into the County's sewers shall be excluded in 
determining the sewer user charges of such property and shall be measured by a device 
approved by the County and installed and maintained without cost to the County, and 
provided that the water supply of such property is metered and the owner pays for such 
water at metered rates.  
The sewer user charges are based upon the consumption of government-owned water 
systems. City water to be paid by the owner of such property shall be computed at the 
rates established for sewer service and using a quantity of water equal to the total 
quantity of water furnished such property by the government-owned water system, less a 
quantity not discharged into the County's sewer; provided, however, that where, in the 
opinion of the County, it is not practical to install a measuring device to determine 
continuously the quantity of water not discharged into the County's sewers, the County 
shall determine periodically, in such a way and by such method as it may prescribe, the 
quantity of water discharged into the County's sewers, and the quantity of metered water 
used to determine the sewer user charges shall be the portion so determined of the 
quantity measured by water meter or meters.