§ 94-31.  Emergency Enforcement Action. 
If the County Engineer or other duly authorized representative determines that an action, a potential action
or a continuing action of a user may create a potential for damage to the County sewerage system, the
receiving stream, the environment, life or health of humans or animals or an interference with treatment
processes at a wastewater treatment plant:  
She or he may recommend to the Board enforcement of this Ordinance as it applies to 
said violation by said user by seeking an appropriate equitable remedy issuing from a 
court of competent jurisdiction.  
The Board may, without providing prior notice to said user, request enforcement of this 
Ordinance as it applies to said violation by said user by seeking an appropriate equitable 
remedy issuing from a court of competent jurisdiction. In such case, the General Court of
Justice shall have jurisdiction to issue such orders as may be appropriate, and it shall not 
be a defense to the application of the Board for equitable relief that there is an adequate 
remedy at law.