§ 94-30.  Violations and Penalties; Civil Action.  
If, in its order, the Board finds the user is in violation of, fails to comply with or has 
failed to comply with any of the provisions of this Ordinance, including the willful 
furnishing of false information relative to same, it may, in the order, in addition to 
invoking the enforcement actions set forth in §94-22:  
Subject the user to a civil penalty of not more than $1,000 for each violation, to 
be recovered by the Board in a civil action in the nature of a debt if the user does
not pay the penalty within a prescribed period of time after he has been found to 
be in violation of this Ordinance. When a user has been assessed a civil penalty 
by the Board, he shall be notified of the assessment personally or by registered 
or certified mail, return receipt requested.  
Require the user making, causing or allowing the discharge to pay any costs or 
expenses incurred by the County, which expenses may include, but not be 
limited to, damage to the County sewerage system, extraordinary monitoring of 
the wastes and extraordinary treatment measures or processing imposed on the 
wastewater treatment by said discharge.  
Require the user making, causing or allowing the discharge to pay any cost or 
expense incurred by the County for any fine or penalty imposed on the County 
by the state or federal government or agency thereof because of a violation of 
the NPDES permit or damage to the environment that is attributed to said 
Require the user making, causing or allowing the discharge to furnish a bond or 
other security, with terms specified by the Board, to hold the County harmless 
from any loss or expense that the County may incur as a result of such 
noncompliance or any future noncompliance.  
Recover reasonable attorney's fees and expenses incurred by the Board as a 
result of its employing legal counsel to assist the County Engineer or the Board 
in taking action pursuant to this article of this Ordinance.    
If the user assessed fails to pay the amount of the civil penalty or assessment to the 
County within 30 days after receipt of notice, or such longer period, not to exceed 180 
days, as the Board may specify, the Board may institute a civil action to recover the 
amount of the assessment in the General Court of Justice of the County in which the 
violation occurred or, in the discretion of the County, in the County in which the person 
assessed has his or its principal place of business.