§ 94-24.  Action by Board. 
Action may be taken by the Board upon receiving a report from the County Engineer or other duly
authorized representative outlining details of the user's failure to comply with actions of the County taken
pursuant to § 94-23. The Board may order a user violating this Ordinance to show cause before the Board
why proposed enforcement action should not be taken. The procedure used by the Board shall be as
provided in the succeeding subsections of this section.  
A notice shall be delivered to the user showing:  
The date, hour and place of the hearing to be held regarding the alleged violation
and any proposed enforcement action.  
A reference to the particular section or sections of this Ordinance which are 
A short statement of the factual allegations.  
Any proposed enforcement action.  
A direction that the user show cause why such proposed enforcement action 
should not be taken.    
Notice of the hearing shall be delivered to the user personally or mailed, by registered or 
certified mail, return receipt requested, at least 10 days before the hearing, to the user or 
any authorized representative of the user.  
The Board may itself conduct the hearing or may designate any one or number of its 
members to conduct the hearing as a hearing officer or officers. When it is impractical for
a hearing officer to conduct the hearing, another hearing officer may be assigned to 
continue with the case, unless it is shown that substantial prejudice to a party will result 
therefrom, in which event a new hearing shall be held or the case dismissed with 
prejudice to the County.