Article VI - Enforcement and Penalties
§ 94-22.  Enforcement; Violations and Penalties.  
Any user who violates any sections of this Ordinance or applicable state or federal law or
regulations is subject to enforcement action as herein provided or as provided in the 
Henderson County Code, Chapter 1, General Provisions, Article II.  
Every user in violation of the provisions of this Ordinance or applicable state and federal 
laws and regulations or who furnishes false information relative to his use of the County 
sewerage system, whether he directly commits the acts or aids and abets the same and 
whether present or absent, shall be proceeded against and held as a principal.    
§ 94-23.  Actions to Protect the System. 
If a user of the County sewerage system proposes to discharge, discharges or accidentally discharges
wastewaters or any substance in any manner that is in violation of any section of this Chapter or applicable
state or federal laws or regulations, the County Engineer or other duly authorized representative may take
the appropriate action to protect the County sewerage system. 
§ 94-24.  Action by Board. 
Action may be taken by the Board upon receiving a report from the County Engineer or other duly
authorized representative outlining details of the user's failure to comply with actions of the County taken
pursuant to § 94-23. The Board may order a user violating this Ordinance to show cause before the Board
why proposed enforcement action should not be taken. The procedure used by the Board shall be as
provided in the succeeding subsections of this section.  
A notice shall be delivered to the user showing:  
The date, hour and place of the hearing to be held regarding the alleged violation
and any proposed enforcement action.  
A reference to the particular section or sections of this Ordinance which are 
A short statement of the factual allegations.  
Any proposed enforcement action.  
A direction that the user show cause why such proposed enforcement action 
should not be taken.    
Notice of the hearing shall be delivered to the user personally or mailed, by registered or 
certified mail, return receipt requested, at least 10 days before the hearing, to the user or 
any authorized representative of the user.  
The Board may itself conduct the hearing or may designate any one or number of its 
members to conduct the hearing as a hearing officer or officers. When it is impractical for
a hearing officer to conduct the hearing, another hearing officer may be assigned to 
continue with the case, unless it is shown that substantial prejudice to a party will result 
therefrom, in which event a new hearing shall be held or the case dismissed with 
prejudice to the County.    
§ 94-25.  Powers of Hearing Officer and District Board. 
During the course of a hearing and in preparation therefore, the Board or any hearing officer designated to
conduct the hearing may:  
Administer oaths and affirmations.  
Issue, in the name of the Board, notice of the hearing to persons calling for their  
attendance, testimony and production of evidence relevant to any matter involved in such
Regulate the course of the hearing and set the time and place for continued hearings.  
Hear the evidence.  
§ 94-26.  Place of Hearing. 
Hearings held pursuant to this Ordinance shall be held in the Board of County Commissioners meeting
room, unless the Board or hearing officer designated to conduct the hearing determines that the obtaining of
evidence will be better facilitated by holding the hearing at the site of the alleged violation of this
§ 94-27.  Conduct of Hearing. 
Hearings held pursuant to this article shall be conducted as follows:  
A user who is a party to the Board action may file a written answer before the date set for
If a user who is a party to the Board action fails to appear after notice has been served or 
properly mailed and if no adjournment is granted, the Board or a hearing officer may 
proceed with the hearing and make its decision in the absence of the party.  
At any hearing held pursuant to this section, testimony taken must be under oath and 
recorded steno graphically. The transcript, so recorded, will be made available to any 
member of the public or any party to the hearing upon payment of the actual cost to the 
County therefore.  
Users who are parties to the Board action shall be given the opportunity to present 
arguments on issues of law and an opportunity to present evidence on issues of fact.  
Users who are parties to the Board action may cross-examine any witness. A party may 
submit rebuttal evidence.  
At the conclusion of a hearing conducted by a hearing officer, the officer shall transmit a 
report of the hearing, together with recommendations to the Board for action thereon.  
At the conclusion of a hearing conducted by the Board, or upon receipt by the Board of a 
report of hearing from a hearing officer, the Board shall take action pursuant to §94-28.    
§ 94-28.  Final Decision. 
The Board shall make final order. The order shall be made after review of the official record as defined
below in §94-29, shall be in writing and shall include findings of fact and conclusions of law.  
Findings of fact shall be based exclusively on the evidence and on matters officially 
noticed by the Board or hearing officer.  
An order shall not be made except upon consideration of the record as a whole or such 
portion thereof as may be cited by any party to the hearing and shall be supported by 
substantial evidence.  
A copy of the order shall be served upon each party personally or by registered or 
certified mail, return receipt requested, and a copy furnished to his attorney of record.  
Service of all notices or orders contemplated by this article shall be deemed complete 
upon the mailing of the order by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, 
addressed to the user or to its attorney of record.   
§ 94-29.  Official Record. 
The official record of the hearing shall include:  
Notices, pleadings, motions and intermediate rulings.  
Questions and offers of proof, objections and rulings thereon.  
Evidence presented.  
Matters officially noticed, except matters so obvious that a statement of them would serve
no useful purpose.  
Proposed findings and exceptions, if any.  
Any decision, opinion, order, transmittal or report by the hearing officer presiding at a 
hearing and by the Board.   
§ 94-30.  Violations and Penalties; Civil Action.  
If, in its order, the Board finds the user is in violation of, fails to comply with or has 
failed to comply with any of the provisions of this Ordinance, including the willful 
furnishing of false information relative to same, it may, in the order, in addition to 
invoking the enforcement actions set forth in §94-22:  
Subject the user to a civil penalty of not more than $1,000 for each violation, to 
be recovered by the Board in a civil action in the nature of a debt if the user does
not pay the penalty within a prescribed period of time after he has been found to 
be in violation of this Ordinance. When a user has been assessed a civil penalty 
by the Board, he shall be notified of the assessment personally or by registered 
or certified mail, return receipt requested.  
Require the user making, causing or allowing the discharge to pay any costs or 
expenses incurred by the County, which expenses may include, but not be 
limited to, damage to the County sewerage system, extraordinary monitoring of 
the wastes and extraordinary treatment measures or processing imposed on the 
wastewater treatment by said discharge.  
Require the user making, causing or allowing the discharge to pay any cost or 
expense incurred by the County for any fine or penalty imposed on the County 
by the state or federal government or agency thereof because of a violation of 
the NPDES permit or damage to the environment that is attributed to said 
Require the user making, causing or allowing the discharge to furnish a bond or 
other security, with terms specified by the Board, to hold the County harmless 
from any loss or expense that the County may incur as a result of such 
noncompliance or any future noncompliance.  
Recover reasonable attorney's fees and expenses incurred by the Board as a 
result of its employing legal counsel to assist the County Engineer or the Board 
in taking action pursuant to this article of this Ordinance.    
If the user assessed fails to pay the amount of the civil penalty or assessment to the 
County within 30 days after receipt of notice, or such longer period, not to exceed 180 
days, as the Board may specify, the Board may institute a civil action to recover the 
amount of the assessment in the General Court of Justice of the County in which the 
violation occurred or, in the discretion of the County, in the County in which the person 
assessed has his or its principal place of business.   
§ 94-31.  Emergency Enforcement Action. 
If the County Engineer or other duly authorized representative determines that an action, a potential action
or a continuing action of a user may create a potential for damage to the County sewerage system, the
receiving stream, the environment, life or health of humans or animals or an interference with treatment
processes at a wastewater treatment plant:  
She or he may recommend to the Board enforcement of this Ordinance as it applies to 
said violation by said user by seeking an appropriate equitable remedy issuing from a 
court of competent jurisdiction.  
The Board may, without providing prior notice to said user, request enforcement of this 
Ordinance as it applies to said violation by said user by seeking an appropriate equitable 
remedy issuing from a court of competent jurisdiction. In such case, the General Court of
Justice shall have jurisdiction to issue such orders as may be appropriate, and it shall not 
be a defense to the application of the Board for equitable relief that there is an adequate 
remedy at law.   
§ 94-32.  Billing and Payment Procedures. 
All monthly bills due the County for sewer service shall be payable at the collection office in the
Henderson County Finance Department office or other designated location within 21 days after date of
issue. If any bill remains unpaid for a period of 30 days after being mailed, and if the subject customer is
provided with metered water service by a government entity, the Henderson County Finance Department
shall request that the said government entity turn the customer's water off. In cases in which sewer service
but not water service is furnished to a customer and the bill for such sewer service remains unpaid for a
period of 30 days after being mailed to such consumer, the Henderson County Finance Department may
take any steps which are legal, including but not limited to hiring collectors and filing a court action, to
collect the bills.  
Notice and hearing.  
The County shall designate a person(s) to hear customer complaints concerning 
overcharges, charges for services not rendered or other billing errors. The 
County's designee is authorized to review disputed bills and to correct any errors
which may appear therein.  
The County's designee shall notify sewer customers whose service may be 
terminated that the amount shown as due on any such customer's bill may be 
questioned by discussing such bill with a designated official who is authorized 
to correct billing errors. The notice shall include the phone number, office hours
and office location of the designated official. The notice may be given by mail, 
by notice enclosed with a bill, by notice printed on a bill or by similar means.  
Sewer service shall not be terminated for failure to pay a sewer bill until 10 days
after the notice required by this section has been mailed.    
Time and method of payment of sewer fees. All monthly sewer user fees shall be due and
payable at the Henderson County Finance Department office. All sewer permit fees and 
sewer capacity depletion fees and other sewer fees shall be payable at the Henderson 
County Utilities Department/CCWSD. Sewer bills and fees not paid within 30 days after 
the invoice is mailed, in addition to any other penalties provided by law, the County may 
request any government-owned water supplier to cut off from such property the use of 
water, and if such water is obtained from sources of supply other than a government-
owned water system, the discharge thereof into the County's system shall be illegal and 
the owner of the property subject to fine or imprisonment as provided by law.  
Refunds or damages for failure of sewer service. No person shall be entitled to damages 
nor did to have any portion of payment refund for any failure of sewer service due to any
necessary construction or repairs.  
CCWSD sewer bills will still be rendered when the premises is vacant even if the water is
turned off.  
Adjustment of bills inequitable or abnormal due to unavoidable waste. The County may 
adjust and settle inequitable and abnormal sewer bills due to unavoidable waste.  
Billing records for sewer services. The County shall maintain billing records for  
sewer services for a period of 3 years. Adjustments to sewer bills will be based on the 
availability of records.