Article V – Administration
§ 94-19. Right of Entry. 
The County and/or its duly authorized representative(s), bearing proper credentials and identification, shall
be permitted to enter upon all properties of any users for the purpose of inspection, observation, flow
measurement, sampling and testing of wastewaters, sewer service connections or other facilities regulated
in accordance with this Ordinance. 
§ 94-20.  Protection of Equipment. 
No person or user shall maliciously, willfully or negligently break, damage, destroy, deface, tamper with or
remove any equipment or materials which are a part of the County sewerage system or which are used by
the County for the purposes of making waste examinations and waste flow measurements or monitoring
and left upon the premises of a person discharging wastes into the County sewerage system. Only persons
authorized by the County will be allowed to uncover, adjust, maintain and remove such equipment and
§ 94-21.  Appeals. 
The Board of County Commissioners of Henderson County, North Carolina, shall be the reviewing
authority for all appeals of actions or administrative determinations made by the County under the
provisions of this Ordinance. Notice of an intent to appeal and request for a hearing shall be addressed to
the Chairman of the Board, in writing, and shall detail the nature of the appeal. An early date for such
hearing shall be set by the Board and the appellant promptly notified in writing. The decision of the Board
after such hearing shall be final and conclusive and shall be conveyed to the persons involved in writing.