Article III - Wastewater Disposal Limitations
§ 94-13.  Holding Tank Wastes Wastewater.  
Except as allowed per subsection B immediately below, no person or entity shall 
discharge, directly or indirectly, any holding tank wastewater into the County's sewerage 
Any person or entity wanting to operate a dumping station for the discharge of sanitary 
sewage from recreation vehicles into the County's sewerage system shall be required to 
apply for and secure a permit from the County. All applicants for such permits shall 
complete such forms as required by the County, pay appropriate fees and agree, in 
writing, to abide by the provisions of this Ordinance and any special conditions or 
regulations established by the County. These permits shall be issued only for approved 
facilities designed for the receipt of sanitary sewage only.   
§ 94-14.  Additional Requirements. 
No statement contained in this article shall be construed to interfere with any additional requirements that
may be imposed by other municipal or state agencies.