§ 93-73. Exceptions to Authority Policies. 
Nothing in this Article 13 shall be deemed to grant to the Henderson County Board of Commissioners more
authority than is contained in the Regional Water Agreement. Paragraphs XI(A), XI(B), XI(C) and XI(D)
of the Authority Policies shall govern appeals, such paragraphs being incorporated by reference as if fully
set forth herein, except for the following:  
The procedures specified in Paragraph XI (D) shall be conducted by the Henderson 
County Board of Commissioners and not the Authority. Any references to "the 
Authority" shall be deemed to refer to "the Henderson County Board of Commissioners."  
All required information regarding the complaint shall be initially submitted to the 
Utilities Director, who shall forward it to the Authority Director.  
As required by Subsection 5.5 of the Regional Water Agreement, the Henderson County 
Board of Commissioners shall not waive any fee or charge requirement pertaining to an 
applicant for water line connection or extension or approve the Authority's assumption of
any extension costs for an applicant's project without the prior written consent of the 
The applicant shall be subject to the fee schedule adopted by the County and/or the