§ 93-72. Application.  
Any person(s) who wish (es) to receive water service from the water system and/or the 
water system owned by the City and maintained and operated by the Authority must 
make application to the Utilities Director on the approved form. Said application form 
shall be completely filled out, properly signed, and notarized.  
The applicant shall be required to comply with all application requirements and other 
requirements of the Authority Policies as contained in Paragraphs IX(A), IX(B), IX(C), 
IX(D), IX(E), and IX(F), which requirements are hereby incorporated by reference as if 
fully set forth herein, except for the following:  
All required information shall be submitted to the Utilities Director on forms 
approved by the Utilities Director, who shall forward it to the Authority 
Any references to "the City" shall be deemed to refer to "the City and/or the 
County (Henderson County) as appropriate."  
The applicant shall be subject to the fee schedule adopted by the County and/or 
the districts.    
Any person requesting water service shall be bound by the terms of the Water Service 
Agreement previously existing for that connection into the water system and/or the water 
system owned by the City and maintained and operated by the Authority, unless such 
person is requesting a larger allocation than existed previously, in which case the person 
will be required to sign a new Water Service Agreement in accordance with the terms and
conditions contained in Article 9 above.