§ 93-65. Agreement Required. 
All persons who receive permission to connect to or extend the water system and/or the water system
owned by the City and maintained and operated by the Authority in the service district will be required to
sign a water service agreement prior to making such connection or extension. Such water service agreement
will contain provisions outlining the terms of the water service to be provided (including but not limited to
the allocation approved by the County and the Authority), shall guarantee payment for the service to be
provided, shall grant to the County and to the Authority the right to disconnect or discontinue the water
service upon nonpayment of fees, and such other terms and provisions as deemed proper by the Utilities
Director and the Authority Director. The water service agreement must be signed by the Authority, the
County, and the Customer in order to be effective. The Utilities Director is hereby authorized to sign all
such water service agreements on behalf of the County.