§ 93-62. Exceptions to Authority Policies. 
Paragraphs V(A), V(B), V(C), V(D), V(E), and V(F) of the Authority Policies shall govern meters, such
paragraphs being incorporated by reference as if fully set forth herein, except for the following:  
Any references to "the City" shall be deemed to refer to "the City and/or the County 
(Henderson County) as appropriate."  
Duly authorized agents of the Utilities Department shall have the same right of access for
inspection and/or testing of meters as duly authorized agents of the Water Department.  
All required information shall be submitted to the Utilities Director, who shall forward it 
to the Authority Director.  
The applicant shall be subject to the fee schedule adopted by the County and/or the 
Ownership of the meters shall be with Asheville for any connections being served by a 
water line owned by Asheville, and shall be owned by the County and/or the districts for 
any connections being served by a water line owned by the County and/or the districts.