§ 93-59. Extensions by County, Authority or Districts.  
The County and/or the Districts shall have the authority to construct any extensions at 
their sole cost and expense and connect such extensions to the water system and/or the 
water system owned by the city and maintained and operated by the Authority. Nothing 
in this Part 2 shall be deemed to preclude any such extension by the County and/or the 
Districts. Any extension shall be considered a regional water line, a water transmission 
line, a water distribution line, and/or a main, as appropriate. Any extensions made by the 
County or the districts to the water system owned by the city and maintained and 
operated by the Authority will comply with the current Asheville Buncombe Water 
Authority Water System Extension Design Guidelines and Specifications.  
In constructing an extension the County and/or the Districts as appropriate shall be 
required to comply only with applicable provisions of the regional water agreement.  
In the event the Authority constructs an extension of the water system owned by the city 
and maintained and operated by the Authority serving only customers outside Henderson 
County, the Authority shall provide written notice to the Utilities Director of such 
extension for informational purposes only, without any requirement to comply with the 
policies in this Part 2. To the extent the Authority constructs a nonregional water line that
is an extension of the water system owned by the City and maintained and operated by 
the Authority that will serve customers within Henderson County, the Authority must 
receive prior approval from the Henderson County Commissioners for such extension; 
however, the application and fee requirements of § 93-58 shall be deemed waived.