§ 93-41. Authority Policies Definitions. 
The following terms shall be deemed to have the same meaning as stated in the Authority Policies, which
definitions are hereby incorporated by reference as if fully set forth herein. A summarized version of these
definitions is listed below for ease of reference. To the extent that the summaries conflict with or omit
language from the definitions as contained in the referenced provisions of the Authority Policies, the
Authority Policies shall control. 
Authority -The Regional Water Authority of Asheville, Buncombe and Henderson, 
(Paragraph I (B)(2))    
City -The City of Asheville, (Paragraph I (B)(4))    
Consumer- The actual user of water service, whether or not the Customer, (Paragraph 
Customer - The owner of the licensed premises or other person responsible for the paying
of the water bills for water service at the licensed premises, (Paragraph I (B)(8))   
Developer -The owner of a development or his duly authorized agent, (Paragraph I 
Development - A parcel of land, including any single-family subdivision that is being 
developed to the extent that water service is desirable to realize its full potential, 
(Paragraph I (B)(10) ) 
GPD - Gallons per day, (Paragraph I (B)(15) )    
GPM- Gallons per minute, (Paragraph I (B)(16))  
Mobile Home - A portable manufactured housing unit designed for transportation on its 
own chassis and placement on a temporary or semi permanent foundation, (Paragraph 
I (B)(18))  
Mobile Home Park - Any premises where mobile homes are parked for living and 
sleeping purposes, or supplying to the public parking space for mobile homes for living 
and sleeping purposes, and which includes any buildings, structures, vehicles or  
enclosure used or intended for use as part of such mobile home park, (Paragraph 
Service Line - The pipeline extending from any main to the meter and meter box where 
located at or near the property line; provided, however, if the meter and meter box are 
located on private property more than 5 feet inside the property line, the service line 
shall end at the property line , (Paragraph I (B)(22)).