§ 93-40. Regional Water Agreement Definitions. 
The following terms shall be deemed to have the same meaning as stated in the Regional Water Agreement,
which definitions are hereby incorporated by reference as if fully set forth herein. To the extent that the
summaries conflict with or omit language from the definitions as contained in the referenced provisions of
the regional water agreement, the regional water agreement shall control. 
Regional Water Lines-Water transmission or water distribution lines and associated 
improvements installed by the Authority at the request of  Henderson County pursuant to 
the Regional Water Agreement (Subsection 2.0)
Service District or Service Area - The area in which the Authority is required by the 
Regional Water Agreement to install a water distribution system. This area will initially 
consist of the Cane Creek Water and Sewer District, as enlarged or extended, but may be 
amended, expanded or restated to incorporate all or a portion of Henderson County 
and/or the Mud Creek Water and Sewer District (Subsections 2.1 and 4.2)
Transmission Lines - Water lines 10 inches or larger in diameter size (Subsection 2.2)  
Distribution Lines- Water lines less than 10 inches in diameter size (Subsection 2.3)  
Committee-The Policies and Priorities Committee of the Asheville/Buncombe/Henderson
Water Authority (Subsection 2.4)
Projected Regional Water Line Costs- The amount of capital costs projected to be 
incurred for the design, purchase, installation, construction, financing, and replacement 
(if any) of a regional water line or lines (Subsection 2.5 )   
Actual Regional Water Line Costs- All capital costs associated with the installation of a 
regional water line or lines and associated improvements incurred by the Authority and/or
Asheville (Subsection 2.6 )  
Net Revenue -The gross proceeds received from a regional water line less the total costs 
to produce, treat, and deliver potable water to customers served by a regional water line, 
less the total costs to maintain and repair the regional water line and less the total costs to
bill and collect from customers served by the regional water line. (Subsection 2.7)
Projected Regional Water Line Revenues -The net revenue derived from the use of the 
particular regional water line(s) by customers within the Service District, Subsection 7.1  
including, without limitation, usage fees, impact fees, and/or connection or tap-on set 
forth in the schedules duly adopted by the County (Henderson County as defined in 
Section 2.03 below) and the Authority (Subsection 7.1)