§ 92-8.  Insurance
Within 30 days after the granting of the franchise and prior to the commencement of 
construction or system operation, and at all times during the terms of the franchise, the 
grantee shall obtain, pay all premiums for and file with the Clerk to the Board of County 
Commissioners executed duplicate copies and receipts evidencing the payment of 
premiums for the following:  
A general comprehensive public liability insurance policy indemnifying, 
defending and saving harmless the County, its offices, boards, commissioners, 
agents or employees from any and 
all claims by any person whatsoever on 
account of injury to, or death of, a person or persons occasioned or alleged to 
have been occasioned by the operations of the grantee under the franchise 
herein granted, in the amount of at least $500,000 combined single limit for 
personal injury or death of any persons in any occurrence.    
Renewal certificates of such insurance shall be promptly forwarded to the Clerk to the 
Board of County Commissioners as such renewals are made, and such insurance shall be 
constantly kept in force and effect during the term of this grant or franchise.  
The grantee and/or the insurance company shall file with the Clerk to the County 
Commissioners a written notice of any material alteration or cancellation of any  
insurance coverage at least 30 days prior to the effective date of property damage 
insurance indemnifying, defending and saving harmless the County, its offices, boards, 
commissioners, agents and employees from and against all claims by any person 
whatsoever for property damage occasioned or alleged to have been occasioned by the 
operation of a grantee under the franchise herein granted in the amount of at least 
$500,000 for property damage, combined single limit, in any 1 occurrence.