§ 92-6.  Records
Filing. The grantee shall file with the County annually a copy, true and  accurate, of maps
and/or plats of all existing and proposed installations (excluding customer house drop 
installations) upon streets, highways and public ways. These maps and plats shall be kept 
up to date on an annual basis. Copies of all rules, regulations, terms and conditions 
established by a grantee as they relate to subscribers for the operation of a CATV system 
under the franchise shall be filed with the County and at the local office of a grantee and 
shall be available for inspection during normal office hours.  
Officers. The grantee shall keep on file with the County Manager a current list of local 
management personnel and the functional areas for which they are responsible. The list 
shall be kept up to date and shall indicate the person who should be contacted by County 
officials in the event of questions or problems. It shall also provide a means to contact the
appropriate personnel of the grantee in the event of an emergency, whether during or 
after normal working hours.  
Inspection. All books and records of a grantee relative to its subscribers and subscriber 
revenues concerning its operations within the County, for the term of the franchise, shall 
be made available for inspection and audit by the County Manager or his designee within
30 days after any request for such inspection or audit has been made. The County shall 
have the right to inspect the grantee's records showing the gross annual revenues from 
which its franchise payments are computed, and the right of audit and recomputation of 
any and all amounts paid under the franchise shall be accorded to the County during 
reasonable business hours and times.  
Complaints. The grantee shall, immediately upon request, make available to the County 
its records of customer complaints, including the name of the customer, date, nature of 
the complaint, disposition and date of disposition. Such records shall also include 
complaints from residents who are not customers.