§ 92-19.  Renewal of Franchise; Periodic Review. 
Renewal procedure. At least 1 year prior to the expiration of the franchise, the grantee 
shall inform the County in writing of its intent to seek renewal of the franchise. The 
County shall proceed to determine whether the grantee has satisfactorily performed its 
obligations under the agreement. To determine satisfactory performance, the County shall
consider technical developments and performance of the system programming, other 
services offered, cost of service and any other particular requirements set forth in the 
agreement. Industry performance on a national basis shall be considered. Provision shall 
be made for community comment. A 4 month period shall be provided to determine 
the grantee's eligibility for renewal. The County then shall prepare within 2 months 
any amendments to the agreement it believes necessary and submit such changes to the 
grantee. If the County finds the grantee's performance satisfactory, a new franchise shall 
be granted pursuant to the agreement, as amended, for a period of 5 years with an 
option to renew for an additional 5 years. In the event the grantee is determined by the 
County to have performed unsatisfactorily, new applicants shall be sought and evaluated 
and a franchise award shall be made by the County according to franchising procedures 
adopted by the County.  
Periodic review. The County and the grantee shall hold scheduled review sessions within 
180 days of the third anniversary date of award of the franchise under the agreement. 
Special review sessions may be held at any time during the term of the franchise at the 
request of the County or the grantee. The following topics shall be discussed at each 
review session: service rate structures, free or discounted services, application of new 
technologies, system performance, services provided, programming offered, customer 
complaints and judicial and Federal Communications Commission rulings. Topics in 
addition to those listed may be added. The specific purpose of the review session before 
the third-year anniversary  date under the franchise agreement will be for properly 
gauging the performance of the grantee in providing cable service in the prescribed 
area to adequately determine whether the citizens are receiving service which meets the 
expectations of the franchise agreement.