§ 92-14. System Interruption and Repair
Restoration of service. The grantee shall provide such adjustments and  repairs as are 
necessary to provide a quality signal to the subscriber within 24 hours of the time the 
report of failure or malfunction of a subscriber's service is made. Failures or malfunctions
of the system shall be corrected by the grantee promptly after notice of such failure or 
malfunction except or unless such failure or malfunction shall be over a substantial 
portion of the grantee's system and shall have been caused by storm, fire, vehicular 
damage, lightning, explosion, civil commotion or other similar catastrophe; in such case 
repairs shall be made as soon as possible.  
Interruption of service. The grantee shall render efficient service, make  repairs promptly 
and interrupt service only for good cause and for the shortest time possible. Interruptions 
for system maintenance insofar as possible shall be preceded by notice and shall occur 
during periods of  minimum use of the system. The grantee shall, upon request of the 
customer, prorate the customer charges for service if the customer has experienced total 
loss of service for any period over 24 hours, unless such loss was beyond the control of 
the grantee.  
Business office and telephone number for repairs. The grantee shall consistently maintain
an office in the County which shall be open during normal business hours of every day, 
legal holidays excepted, Monday through Friday, inclusive, which shall have a listed 
telephone, which  telephone shall be so operated and monitored that complaints or 
requests  for repairs or adjustments because of malfunctions can be received at any 
time of day, Sunday through Saturday, and holidays.  
Notice concerning complaints. Notice of the procedure for reporting and resolving 
complaints will be given to each subscriber at the time of initial installation of the cable 
system. A contact telephone number will be given to each subscriber for each subscriber 
to directly report their complaints to the grantee.  
In the event of a major interruption of service affecting a large number of customers, the 
grantee will make every effort to respond personally to customer inquiries or shall utilize 
a recorded telephone message identifying the specific system malfunction and giving the 
estimated time of service restoration. However, at no time shall any incoming calls be 
Standby power. The grantee shall provide emergency power supplies at the head-end. All
utility safety regulations shall be followed to prevent the emergency power supplies or 
standby generators from powering nonfunctioning utility lines. The status of each standby
power supply will be monitored regularly by the grantee to ensure reliable operation and 
to record actual usage.