§ 92-13.  Public, Educational and Government Access.  
No charges. The grantee shall provide 1 access channel for the transmission of access 
broadcast programs by residents of Henderson County and recognized community 
organizations. The grantee shall make no charges for noncommercial access channel 
time, excluding leased access channels, and shall exercise no editorial control. The 
grantee shall upon request provide and furnish without charge to all public educational 
institution and governmental buildings within the area served by the system of the 
grantee's existing distribution cable, 1 service connection. The institution shall be 
entitled to receive, free of charge, the grantee's basic cable television service.  
Equipment. The grantee shall provide the equipment for the transmission of the 
community access channel, and said equipment shall remain as the property of the 
grantee. All costs associated with normal repairs and  maintenance of the equipment shall
be the responsibility of the grantee. Equipment supplied to the County by the grantee for 
the purpose of video recording or production shall be owned by the County, and any 
maintenance or repair costs shall be the responsibility of the County.  
Control. The grantee shall at all times have available parental control devices for the 
purpose of controlling premium television programming on individual subscriber 
television sets. The grantee shall have the right to charge reasonable fees for the use of 
such devices.