§ 92-11.  Construction Standards; Inspections.  
Technical standards. The system shall be constructed, maintained and at all times 
operated in a manner that will provide each subscriber of the CATV system with a signal 
quality level, on all cable channels, that is equal to or better than that which may be 
obtained through normal off the air, external antenna reception within the primary 
coverage area of a Class 1 standard broadcast television station. Any franchise granted 
under this chapter is subject to all of the technical standards of 47 CFR Ch. 1 (10-1-
1988), Subpart K, Technical Standards of the Federal Communications  Commission, 
Parts 76.601 through 76.619, excluding all amendments which reduce or limit the scope 
of the rules applicable to CATV. Hereinafter, all amendments to any section of the Code 
of Federal Regulations, including but not limited to the rules and regulations of the 
Federal Communications Commission that set forth technical standards for a CATV 
system which broaden the scope of this section or set  requirements which will yield more
favorable quality to the subscriber of CATV service, will, in addition to the requirements 
of this section, be binding upon any grantee when enacted. 
Construction codes. The system shall be constructed and maintained at all times in 
compliance with all applicable standards of the National Electrical Code prepared and 
adopted by the National Fire Protection Association, NFPA No. 70-1971, and approved 
by the American National Standards Institute, ANSI-CI-1971, and such applicable laws 
of the State of North Carolina and ordinances of the County as are now in effect or as 
may hereafter be adopted.  
Inspection of system. The County shall have the right and privilege to inspect or have 
inspected the construction, installation, operation and maintenance of the cable television
Channel capacity. The system shall at all times provide the minimum number of  
television channels specified in the system franchise.