§ 79-9.  Telephone Records.  
Each telephone service supplier shall provide subscriber telephone numbers, names and 
service addresses to the 911 system(s) subscribed to by the County. Although customer 
numbers, names and service addresses shall be available to 911 systems, such 
information shall remain the property of the disclosing service supplier. The total cost of 
the system shall include expenses paid to service suppliers to provide and maintain 911 
information. This information shall be used only in providing emergency response 
services to 911 calls. The County may not release a telephone number required to be 
provided under this section to any person for purposes other than including the number in
the emergency telephone system database or providing the number to permit a response 
to a police, fire, medical or other emergency situation.  
To the extent necessary to provide 911 services, private listing customers of a service 
supplier in a 911 service area waive the privacy afforded by nonlisted and nonpublished 
numbers when 911 service is established.  
No service supplier or agent or employee of a service supplier shall be liable to any 
person providing 911 service established under this Chapter for release of emergency 
telephone information specified in this section that is not already part of the public 
record, including nonlisted or nonpublished telephone numbers.