§ 79-8.  Payments from Fund.  
Money from the Emergency Telephone System Fund shall be used only to pay for:  
The lease, purchase or maintenance of emergency telephone equipment, 
including necessary computer hardware, software and database provisioning, 
addressing and nonrecurring costs of establishing a 911 system; and  
The rates associated with the service supplier's 911 service and other service 
supplier  recurring charges.    
The following expenses are not eligible for payment from the fund: the lease or purchase 
of real estate; cosmetic remodeling of emergency dispatch centers; hiring, training and 
compensating dispatchers; and the purchase of mobile communications vehicles, 
ambulances, fire engines or other emergency vehicles.  
The County may contract with a service supplier for any term negotiated by the service 
supplier and the County and may make payments from the Emergency Telephone System
Fund to provide any payments required by the contract.