§ 79-5. Payment and Collection of Charges.  
The subscriber of one or more exchange access facilities will be billed for the monthly 
911 charges imposed for each exchange access facility. Each service supplier shall, on 
behalf of the County, collect the charges from those subscribers to whom it provides 
exchange telephone service in the area served by the 911 service. As part of its normal 
monthly billing process, the service supplier shall collect the charges for each month or 
part of the month an exchange access facility is in service, and it may list the charge as a 
separate entry on each bill. If a service supplier receives a partial payment for a monthly 
bill from a subscriber, the service supplier shall apply the payment against the amount the
subscriber owes the service supplier first.  
A service supplier has no obligation to take any legal action to enforce the collection of 
the 911 charges for which any subscriber is billed. However, the County may initiate 
collection action of the 911 charges for which any subscriber is billed and shall further be
entitled to collect all reasonable costs associated with the collection action, including 
attorneys' fees. The Henderson County Finance Director is hereby authorized to pursue 
all legal and equitable remedies for the collection of all 911 charges not paid.  
Where the County subscribes to 911 services, the County shall remain ultimately 
responsible to the service supplier for all 911 installations, service, equipment, operation 
and maintenance charges owed to the service supplier. The service supplier shall provide 
the County with a list of amounts uncollected along with the names and addresses of 
telephone subscribers who have not paid the 911 charge on a quarterly basis.  
Where the County subscribes to 911 services, any taxes due on 911 services provided by 
the service supplier will be billed to the County subscribing to that service. However, 
state and local taxes do not apply to 911 charges billed to subscribers under this Chapter.