§ 79-3. Definitions. 
The following terms are defined for purposes of this Chapter:  
911 Charge - A charge imposed by Henderson County on each exchange access  
facility to pay for the 911 service start-up, equipment costs, subscriber notification costs, 
addressing costs, billing costs and nonrecurring and recurring installation, maintenance, 
service and network charges of a service supplier providing 911 service pursuant to this 
Chapter and all other payments authorized by § 79-8 of this Chapter.   
911 System Or 911 Service  - An emergency telephone system that provides the user of 
the public telephone system with the ability to reach a public safety answering point by 
dialing the digits 911. The term "911 system" or "911 service" also includes enhanced 
911 service, which means an emergency telephone system that provides the user of the 
public telephone system with 911 service and, in addition, directs 911 calls to appropriate
public safety answering points by selective routing, based on the geographical location 
from which the call originated, and provides the capability for automatic number 
identification and automatic location identification features.   
Addressing - The assigning of a numerical address and street name (the street name may 
be numerical) to each location within Henderson County's geographical area necessary to
provide public safety service as determined by Henderson County. This address replaces 
any route and box number currently in place in the 911 database and facilitates quicker 
response by public safety agencies.   
County - The County of Henderson, North Carolina.   
Exchange Access Facility - The access from a particular telephone subscriber's premises 
to the telephone system of a service supplier. Exchange access facilities include access 
lines, PBX trunks and Centrex network access registers provided by the service supplier, 
all as defined by tariffs of telephone companies as approved by the North Carolina 
Utilities Commission. Exchange access facilities do not include telephone pay station 
lines owned and operated by the service supplier or Wide Area Telecommunications 
Service (WATS), Foreign Exchange (FX) or incoming-only lines.   
Public Agency - The state and any city, county, municipal corporation, chartered 
organization, public district or public authority located in whole or in part within the state
which provides or has authority to provide fire-fighting, law enforcement, ambulance, 
medical or other emergency services.   
Public Safety Agency - A functional division of a public agency which provides fire-
fighting, law enforcement, medical, suicide prevention, civil defense, poison control or 
other emergency services.   
Service Supplier - A person or entity who or which provides exchange telephone service 
to a telephone subscriber.   
Telephone Subscriber or Subscriber - A person or entity to whom or to which exchange 
telephone service, either residential or commercial, is provided and in return for which 
the person or entity is billed on a monthly basis. When the same person, business or 
organization has several telephone access lines, each exchange access facility shall 
constitute a separate subscription.