§ 78-8. Service of Orders or Notices.  
The service of orders or notices for the correction of violations of this article shall be 
made upon the owner, occupant or other person responsible for the conditions, either by 
personally delivering a copy of the same to such person or by delivering the same to and 
leaving it with any person in charge of the premises or by sending a copy of the order or 
notice by certified or registered mail to the owner's last known address.  
When buildings or other premises are occupied by one other than the owner under a lease
or other agreement, the orders or notices issued to correct violations of this article arising 
out of operations conducted on the premises shall apply to the occupant thereof, provided
that, where the order or notices require making of additions to or changes in the premises 
themselves which may become part of the real property of the owner, then in such cases, 
the orders or notices shall also be issued to the owner of the premises or real property. 
Failure to deliver an order or notice to the owner, if other than the occupant, shall not 
invalidate any order or notice duly served on the occupant.