§ 78-7. Permits.  
Fire prevention permits. 
This article shall require permits from the Fire Marshal as set forth in Chapter 1 
of the North Carolina Fire Prevention Code. Such required permits include, but 
are not limited to, permits for open burning.  
It shall be the duty of the Fire Marshal, the Deputy Fire Marshal and Assistant 
Fire Marshals to evaluate applications and issue, if approved, all permits for 
those conditions as prescribed in Chapter 1 of the North Carolina Fire 
Prevention Code and this article.  
No person shall maintain, store or handle materials or conduct processes which 
produce conditions hazardous to life or property or install equipment used in 
connection with such activities without first obtaining a permit as required by 
the Fire Marshal and prescribed in the North Carolina Fire Prevention Code of 
the North Carolina State Building Code and this article. Before a permit may be 
issued, the Fire Marshal shall inspect and approve the receptacles, vehicles, 
buildings, structures, storage areas, devices, processes and conditions related to 
the permit.  
A permit may be revoked pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 1 of the North 
Carolina Fire Prevention Code. Any person may appeal said revocation to the 
Henderson County Board of Commissioners within 30 days.  
To provide for efficient, timely handling of duties set forth in N.C.G.S. 14-284
N.C.G.S. 14-410 and N.C.G.S. 14-413, and with greater convenience to the
public, authority is granted to the Fire Marshal to act as the agent of the Board 
of Commissioners to approve/disapprove the issuance of permits and licenses 
for the storage of  explosives and the exhibition of pyrotechnics at public 
Each mandatory permit or permit required by Chapter 1 of the North Carolina 
Fire Prevention Code shall be assessed a fee of $50. Operational permits shall 
require annual renewal, and such renewal is subject to the permit fee of $50.    
Other permits. This article shall not exempt a person who has obtained a permit pursuant 
to this article from any other permits required by other state, federal and local laws.