§ 78-6. Inspections.
Subject to the limitations and conditions stated in the North Carolina State Building Code, it shall be
the duty of the Fire Marshal to inspect or to cause to be inspected on the schedule set by the Board of
Commissioners, or more frequently as deemed necessary by the Fire Marshal pursuant to all relevant North
Carolina codes all buildings, structures and premises within his jurisdiction for the purposes of ascertaining
and causing to be corrected any condition which may cause fire or explosion or endanger life from fire or
explosion or any violations of the provisions of this article.
All fees assessed under this Article for inspections shall be paid in full to the County by the owner of the
real property upon which the inspection takes place within thirty (30) days of inspection of the later to
occur of the mailing of an invoice for the same to such owner or the hand delivery of such invoice to the
person in apparent control of the premises inspected at the time of such inspection.